I was born and grew up in Medellín, Colombia – that lovely corner in South America where the sun shines consistently all the time, “the grass is green and the girls are pretty” – that’s what they say… “Paradise City” 🙂

As a teenager I used to play the guitar and attend to meetings at the local Interact Club -part of Rotary International. From being educated in leadership and growing with conscious thoughts about world issues, I met my closest and most beloved friends.

During my time at university (UPB), I was part of two teams: the first, organisers of the biggest and most recognised student events in the city. Famous for its genuine content throughout the country, The Premios Hétores is an Academy Awards-like event, presenting humorist videos in different categories, bringing a gala-night full of joy to more than 1,600 people every year; The second, with a group of six students during our last semester, we were selected to create a fully integrated marketing communications campaign for the International Competition InterAd ran by the IAA (International Advertising Association), and guess what?! Yes, we won it! REGIONAL CHAMPION LATIN AMERICA / 1ST GLOBAL RUNNER UP -InterAd VIII 2004…. Now you can do the maths and guess my age.

After graduating from Advertising, I started my career at a Below The Line Advertising agency, BTL by Stage (The most awarded Colombian agency at the FIP Festival 2012) and three years after, I decided to move to Canada, where I had the chance to work in Marketing & PR in the performing arts industry at Attila Glatz Concerts. Returning then to Colombia and in partnership with my sister, we started a small graphic-design business Colorato |Estudio Gráfico| where Groupon and Skechers were some of our first clients.

Currently, I work in Digital Marketing and live in London with my husband, a charming Italian who stole my heart not long ago. We’re both happy, we collaborate, love and support mutually, being the perfect match to each other. One of my favourite ways to spend some free time is talking to my friends around the world and of course to my family back in Colombia, especially my sister who brings the good and funny news from my little niece, the one I miss the most. Not to mention, my parents, an amazing couple, both sociologists and successful professionals who are my main inspiration for life and my best example of love and humility.

If you’re still reading, thank you. This is me for now, but there’s more to come! It won’t always be about me of course, instead, many enjoyable and satisfying interests in life. So, feel free to ask me anything, e-mail, tweet or comment on my blog posts. I’m always happy to hear your opinions, recommendations and other stories. This is where I end here on this little note to say, ‘Welcome to The Taste of Life!’


4 thoughts on “BIO

  1. God bless you and wish you more & more exciting things to come & enjoy.Reading your interesting bio.I am promoting Kirtan London an organisation dedicated to spread peace and lots of love by chanting.


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