I have recently attended to a great networking event just for us, Digital Females. It was a pleasure to have joined a group of smart women on ‘An Evening of All Content in Marketing’ presented by Digital Industry Females –The Digital Networking Group Exclusively for Women, and be the guest of a valuable presentation, free drinks and yummy snacks.

Unfortunately, I missed the first talk because of work-related reasons, but I’m looking forward to meeting Danielle Fudge, SEO Director at Forward 3D in a future opportunity.  Arriving just on time for the second presentation, we listened to Jo Price, Content Marketing Manager at Zazzle Media, who gave us some useful info and tips on online Content Marketing, sharing her ‘RECIPE FOR PERFECT CONTENT STRATEGY’.

Starting on how content needs to be fresh and never boring, she took us trough an easy-to-follow recipe. According to Jo, there are five key components on creating your content strategy, which will be shortly explained below.

Data comes first to help us understanding opportunities, especially social data, from where we can analyse our audience’s likes, dislikes and demographics. Understanding your PERSONAS and key audience will take you to specific content.

Ideas – setting the scene for creativity and preparing your team for brainstorming is really important. ‘Creativity takes courage’ and this is why we shouldn’t ever discard any ideas coming out from a brainstorming session, ‘there is not such thing as a bad idea’ mentions Jo. During a brainstorming session it is advisable not to go into details, but give quick and short ideas to keep the flow going. We must develop and implement our own IDEAS CREATION PROCESS with our team, and for this Jo suggests some wonderful free tools available on-line: Übersuggest and are some of them, easy to work and very useful for Google suggests and semantics.

The Plan is what would take us to the actual action, this is why is essential to have one and stick to it. Taking into consideration seasonal and industry events that can become opportunities, because knowing what to do in the right moment is what will make your marketing activities successful.

Relationships are valuable and meaningful, making friends within your niche and engaging with your audience is key. So why not to use technology on our favor and sing up for some other free tools, such as Buzz Stream and Links prospector to help promote your content and accurately reach prospects based on keywords. Additional help on this is Majestic SEO, being the largest Link intelligence database in the world and updated seven times a day. All the above mentioned to make the magic happen, Action.

If you carefully follow this recipe, you must achieve satisfactory results and the best to know how good they are is tracking your progress of your strategy and the outcome of your actions. Google docs and Analytics are great if you want accurate measurement and insightful stats. ‘Practice makes the master’ and doing it all again will take you where you want to be with your content strategy. Obviously, learning new things on the way and adding up fresh ingredients to your strategy. Jo’s presentation is on Slide Share.

I’m glad to have attended to this event and hope to be there for the next one, joining the friendly atmosphere and great talks offered by Digital Females. Additionally, I’d love you to share some thoughts on brainstorming sessions with me, what techniques do you use with your team? What are the most crazy ideas or funny situations during a brainstorming session? Please leave your comments below, I’ll be happy to hear about your experiences and ideas!



    • thank you, I really appreciate your nice comments… Loved your about page and specially your motto. I look forward to reading more about you and your experiences. best, Caro.

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